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Welcome to Katy!

You may have noticed a sneaky addition to our ‘Research Team’ page!? 

Our new impact project  ICKLE+ has brought with it a new member of the team Katy Grainger. 

We are delighted that Katy joined the ICKLE team in July 2022. She is a  research assistant; who will be working closely with the investigators and project partners to execute the ICKLE+ project. If you would like to know more about ICKLE+, we have just written a blog post about it here and have provided more in-depth information on the ICKLE+ page. 

Katy has just finished working on the DART project with University of Leeds so she hasn’t moved very far! She is the ideal candidate to get the job done as her career so far has spanned  research and education sectors. Before working with us at Leeds, Katy carried out previous research positions at The University of York working on the Wellcome Language and Reading Project’ and ‘The Reading and Language Intervention (RALI)’ and has experience working within the education system for over 9 years. 

We look forward to giving you many more updates from ICKLE+ over the next 9 months… 

If you need to contact us about anything ICKLE related, please email us at 

All the very best, The ICKLE team.