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Welcome to Katy!

New team member announcement

ICKLE+ announcement!

New funding for impact work

Interpreting the ICKLE Project Interim Findings - Can you help?

Five key findings that we are seeking feedback on

School provision for home learning during the Spring 2020 lockdown

What were schools providing to support families with home learning during the first lockdown?

The home learning curriculum

What areas of the Early Years curriculum were families able to focus on during the spring 2020 lockdown?

Parents' use of resources during the spring 2020 lockdown

How did caregivers view the tasks and resources sent home from school during the spring 2020 lockdown, and what activities were popular?

Parents' experiences of lockdown

How did parents with reception-aged children experience the lockdown of spring 2020?

Emerging findings

Summary of findings from first round of data collection